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  • Identify the cradle to grave GHG emissions of products
  • Identify GHG hot spots in your supply chain
  • Run material and process scenarios
  • Inform business and supply chain strategies   

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Drive new innovation in data centers with shared performance metrics

Sally Paridis


When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s useful to think of a data center as the modern day factory. Of course, we can build a new facility to be as efficient as possible, looking at total energy consumption and other facility-level metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

But if we’re going to take inspiration from manufacturing concepts like Six Sigma or kaizen, and keep improving the efficiency of our operations year after year, we need to go deeper. That means new metrics that can accurately gauge the quality and efficiency behind the services that we’re delivering.  Read more about innovation and data centers.

M.S. Students Develop Communication Platform for Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment

Erika Whillas


Paridis and Turchak set out to assist environmental and operations managers in identifying efficiency and impact reduction opportunities in a system that can store, explore, and communicate LCA data of product portfolios. To date, isolated product LCAs have not sufficiently informed business strategy nor been integrated into company-wide sustainability initiatives, largely because it can take up to 100 man-hours to complete an assessment for a product. Read the full article "M.S. Students Develop Communication Platform for Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment"

Columbia University Study Addresses Core LCA Issues

Erika Whillas


A study being conducted at Columbia University addresses core issues around the practices of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and how to encourage the expansion of LCA reporting. The first phase of the study conducted during the Winter semester in 2012 addressed the familiar problems of:

  • The magnitude of data required for an LCA
  • The lack of reported correlation between financial and environmental outcomes
  • The lack of effective communication tools to simplify the current methodology

Read 'Columbia University Study Addresses Core LCA Issues'