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How sustainability leaders hold steady over the long haul

Erika Whillas

Green Biz Group

McKinsey recently conducted an online survey garnering responses from 3,344 executives representing a spectrum of regions, industries, company sizes, functional specialties and tenures. The "Sustainability's strategic worth" study results show that sustainability leaders are approximately three to five times more likely to: 1) Set aggressive external targets or goals for sustainability initiatives

2) Have a unified sustainability strategy with clearly articulated strategic priorities (no more than five focus areas)

3) Set aggressive internal targets or goals for sustainability initiatives

4) Involve a broad leadership coalition in shaping or co-creating the sustainability strategy, goals and milestones

5) Understand the financial benefits of sustainability within the organization

Read full article 'How sustainability leaders hold steady over the long haul'


Drive new innovation in data centers with shared performance metrics

Sally Paridis


When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s useful to think of a data center as the modern day factory. Of course, we can build a new facility to be as efficient as possible, looking at total energy consumption and other facility-level metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

But if we’re going to take inspiration from manufacturing concepts like Six Sigma or kaizen, and keep improving the efficiency of our operations year after year, we need to go deeper. That means new metrics that can accurately gauge the quality and efficiency behind the services that we’re delivering.  Read more about innovation and data centers.

Harvard Business Review Blog: Top 10 Sustainable Business Stories of 2012

Erika Whillas

Harvard Business Review

The mega forces driving sustainability deep into business — such as climate change, resource constraints, and transparency — are getting stronger. We may not be keeping pace with these pressures, but leading companies continue to evolve more sustainable strategies and tactics. Let's look at some top macro- and company-level stories. Read 'Harvard Business Review Blog: Top 10 Sustainable Business Stories of 2012'

CSR strategy briefing

Erika Whillas

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 3.44.04 PM

A briefing containing analysis on supply chain performance, climate change, water scarcity and how to embed sustainability into core business strategy and management systems Supply Chains: Linking it together Columnist Toby Webb ponders 12 supply chain lessons that can take sustainability to scale Ethical Corporation - November 2012

Where is ‘true north’ for sustainable business? Peter Lacy discusses why business needs to accelerate the shift from incremental to transformational change Ethical Corporation - October 2012

Water, water everywhere? We need to rethink our attitude to one of life’s essential resources, says columnist Howard Sharman Ethical Corporation - November 2012

Embedding sustainability: Make managers leaders Mallen Baker sketches out a route for getting corporate responsibility to exactly where it should be in your business Ethical Corporation - November 2012

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