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CoClear & DSI team up for March 31st Hackathon

Erika Whillas

CoClear, a NYC based sustainability data startup, will run a hackathon to explore the visualization of product life cycle analysis (LCA) data that was publicly disclosed to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The data set we will use during the hackathon is already cleaned and ready to use. It includes 546 product LCAs from 108 companies across 26 countries.

The goal of the hackathon is to create an interactive visualization that can be hosted on a publicly available website (e.g. CDP) where every company can compare the carbon performance of their own products against competing companies - and where sustainability-minded consumers can gain insight into the carbon performance of various products, brands, and industry sectors.

During the hackathon students will be provided with training and supervision so that they leave with knowledge both of product life cycle analysis and the power of data visualization tools. D3.JS data driven documents will be utilized. A re-refresher of D3.J3 will be provided at the hackathon but existing familiarity is a plus.

In addition to CoClear experts and D3.J3 technical instructors, colleagues from SAP will join the event for mentoring and serving on the judges panel.