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  • Identify the cradle to grave GHG emissions of products
  • Identify GHG hot spots in your supply chain
  • Run material and process scenarios
  • Inform business and supply chain strategies   

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Advance tells the story of the two Australian females @CoClear


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Advance tells the story of the two Australian females @CoClear

Erika Whillas

Sally Paridis is a powerhouse eco-entrepreneur. She’s the founder of CoClear – a sustainability consultancy that specialises in life cycle analytics.  Product life cycle analysis makes it easier for corporations to analyze the impact of their products and supply chains.

She is also helping consumers to make smarter purchasing choices through the Carbon Catalogue, a visualization tool that depicts product emissions data.

Sally has been a member of Advance since its beginnings. She credits Advance with teaching her the benefits of reconnecting with fellow Australians living in New York. "Get in a room full of Australians and you’re bound to have a good time.”

Having called New York home for many years, Sally works closely with another Aussie, Erika Whillas, sharing a passion and vision to grow environmental awareness among big corporates and consumers.

Interview by Tammy Lee, Marketing & Communications & Digital Manager, Advance

Sally Paridis

How long have you been in New York? What made you move there?

I’ve been in New York nearly half my life having moved here for ‘2 years’ when my husband was transferred for work in the early 90’s.  He didn’t have to ask twice for me to join him.

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