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  • Identify GHG hot spots in your supply chain
  • Run material and process scenarios
  • Inform business and supply chain strategies   

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What you need to think about when selecting carbon accounting software


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What you need to think about when selecting carbon accounting software

Erika Whillas

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Carbon accounting is about more than just the environment - it's about being smarter about the way you do business. Whether it's lifting brand value, reducing costs or improving compliance, there's never been a better time to start thinking about measuring your carbon footprint.Here’s what you need to think about when purchasing carbon accounting software:

  • Getting the best picture possible – Will it give you a true picture of your resource use and carbon footprint, and the implications for your business?
  • Improving efficiency – Can it automate, integrate and simplify? Does it bring transparency and auditability to your reporting process?
  • Insight vs reporting – Does it turn data into information to support decision making and boost your bottom line?

Find out more about what you need to have on your checklist when looking at carbon accounting software with the


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